Coastguard Lake Taupo 

1st March 2018

Re: Pontoon Repair on CRV Taupo Rescue

Coastguard Lake Taupo wishes to express its sincere thanks for the job well done with the recent repairs to the pontoons on CRV Taupo Rescue.

Your efforts in travelling to Taupo, picking up the bags, delivering them to Picton, repairing them, returning to Taupo and then supervising their installation was a credit to you and Naiad; and this was all done in a couple of days.
A patch up was originally proposed but your insistence that the job be done properly was very much appreciated and we are happy to report that repair work is holding up well.

Our Naiad vessel continues to give great service to us and the Taupo community and we are very pleased to have a close association with your organisation.

Thank you once again
Yours sincerely
Coastguard Lake Taupo

Hawaii Pilots Association

Steve at Naiad Design Ltd. has designed a total of 5 pilot boats for the Hawaii Pilots Association. His boats have proven to be safe, dependable and comfortable pilot boats. The port pilots in Hawaii use these boats every day with a very high level of confidence in all sea conditions.

Captain Tom Heberle
Hawaii Pilots Association

Shellharbour 30... 'it gives you confidence to go to sea in such a great vessel'

excerpt from Soundings Marine Rescue NSW Magazine, page 31, Summer 2014

"In the 10 years I have been in the Australian Volunteer Coast Guard Association and now MRNSW, I have been in some rough conditions but nothing anywhere near as bad as on that night.
The 10m Naiad handled the conditions beautifully. I cannot praise MRNSW's selection and purchase and also the vessels builders enough for such an excellent craft. It gives you confidence to go to sea in such a great vessel, along with a well trained and professional crew."

"Dash" 6.8m Naiad in Scotland

June 2013

An update on the Naiad 6.8 that i bought Dec last year. She is on the water at last..

I launched her about 4wks ago, as the weather here was pretty cold and wet.

All i can say is "Dash" is fantastic, just perfect for me. I have already clocked up 50+ hrs. In all seas ranging from flat calm to a sea state 6, carrying 6 people and full tank of fuel to the Shiant Isles, which is 50 miles offshore in the Outer Hebrides.
She performed very well indeed both going and coming back with a following sea. The twin Yam 100s seem to have enough grunt, once i had selected the best props for all round performance. Top speed 39knts, which is good enough for me..

I was hoping to get some big wave pictures from a chase boat, but sadly he didn't want to venture out as he said it was "too rough" for him!!.. Says it all really!!..

So far 4 people have offered serious money to buy "Dash", but i am not selling her ever!!.

All the best, from a very happy Naiad owner..

Doug Walker
Highland Marine

Naiad in Palau

Ocean Hunter I and Naiad. Greetings from Palau.
Pontoons [have] arrived and they are already being placed.

  1. They fit perfectly
  2. The service was great, I appreciate your technical support.
  3. NAIAD is the best marine product I came across over the years! You guys run great operation with best product

Enclosed, please find few photos from launching the renewed boat

Navot Bornovski - Owner / GM
Ocean Hunter I & III - Palau’s most luxurious liveaboard fleet
Fish 'n Fins Dive Center - The pioneer dive shop in Palau
P.O. Box 142, Koror, Palau 96940
Phone (W) 680-488-2637  Cell 680-775-3467 office 680-488-5419
www.oceanhunter.com       www.fishnfins.com


Tom_Heberle.JPG"The Hawaii Pilots Association currently operates a fleet of five NAIAD pilot boats to provide pilotage service to vessel traffic on four of the Hawaiian Islands. From the day when we launched our first NAIAD (the 12.6 m HONOLULU) in 2002, the NAIAD pilot boats have proven to be extremely rugged and seaworthy. Very good stability and a comfortable, dry ride in rough seas are two characteristics of the NAIAD high performance hulls that the pilots and boat crews really appreciate.

The superb ride and innovative design of our NAIAD pilot boats was recognized by “Professional Mariner” magazine, when they named the HONOLULU to their annual list of the top 50 new vessels delivered in North America."

Best regards,
Tom Heberle
Hawaiian Pilots Association

Naiad Water Taxis

Dick Chapman"During the mid 1990’s having lived in the Marlborough Sounds for some time, my partner and I identified the need for fast safe water transport to move groups of tourists and others between Picton and accommodation houses.

To facilitate this we commissioned Naiad Inflatables to build the first wide bodied 9 meter craft they had completed. The result was a craft that I worked for 11 years in all weather conditions and travelled some 850,000 nautical miles in. ‘West Bay’ was fast stable and above all safe. In all the conditions I worked, in and around Cook Strait, I never once felt unsafe.

By the year 2000 the business had grown so much we commissioned a larger 11.3 meter craft named ‘Simply the Best’. This vessel helped us carry 20 – 25,000 passengers per year and in the time we owned her she travelled around 200,000 nautical miles.

These two vessels were an outstanding investment and a credit to the design team at Naiad Inflatables."

R.M.(Dick) Chapman
West Bay Water Transport

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