The Naiad Knowledge

The knowledge gain from Naiad's twenty seven years experience in designing and building specialist RIBS allows us to meet customers desires and expectations. Proven designs worldwide encourage customers requiring specialist RIBs to approach Naiad because of our ability in this field.

Steve Schmidt and the Design Team enjoy working with the customer to develop new and interesting RIB designs that not only meet and fulfil the customers needs but take care to design aesthetically pleasing solutions. The challenge ensures needs are accounted for which will allow the customer to work easily from his custom designed Naiad. Advanced technology and email access allow Steve and the team rapid communication worldwide to establish dialogue and images with the customer to offer updated ideas while providing a solution which satisfies.

From 2.5 to 24 metre designs are available, these designs can be modified to the customers requests in significant ways from air tube to foam fender system, 30 knots to 60 knots, cabin to open RIB, passenger to private vessel and including exclusive seating layouts, dive or water taxi settings, whale watch and tourist fitouts. The extremely competent design team can find a solution to your requirements with customer input and feedback to ensure the best result.

Frame and Stringer construction.

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