Naiad Open Boats

Naiad’s open tenders are world renowned for their heavy duty use. From ship’s tenders to cruising yacht tenders they are found to be hard wearing and easy to repair should the need occur.

People getting off a Naiad 4.8 on the Antarctic ice. Features:

  • Marine grade aluminium,
  • Proven hull design,
  • Extra heavy duty pontoon outer cover,
  • Two, four or five inners air bladders,
  • Custom layouts and add-ons,
  • 200mm aluminium inwhale above floor.

The Naiad twin pontoon system of butyl rubber inners covered by extra heavy duty PU/PVC outers are easily removable and replaceable anywhere in the world. Naiad has concentrated on “in the field” maintenance because Naiads are used in such out of the way places, from the South Pacific to Antarctica and Alaska.

With Naiad’s large diameter pontoons providing extra seating, many people can be moved to and from ships or yachts with ease and comfort. The non marking rubstrip means coming alongside white boats is problem free.

The strong alloy hull has been designed for maximum comfort giving a softer ride and making light work of any chop. Users comment they are surprisingly roomy for a RIB.

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Length O/A (m) 2.5 3.0 3.5 3.8 4.3  4.8
Beam O/A (m) 1.45 1.6 2.05 2.15 
Beam Internal (m) 0.65 810 1.15 1.25
Tube Diameter (mm) 400 450
Deadrise (deg) - 6 8 12.5 18 or 21
Recommended Power (hp) 5 15 15 25 50 60
Outboard Shaft Length 15" 15" 20" 20" 20" 20" or 25"
Maximum Carrying Capacity - Planing (Persons) 2 3 4 5 6
Maximum Carrying Capacity - Displacement (Kg) 425 510 595 750 850 850
Thickness of Alloy (mm) 3 4
Specifications are indicative only.
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