Pilot Boats

Auckland Pilot 1Although the RIB concept seems contrary to the traditional type of Pilot craft, RIB's are fast, nimble and light, this means that it is easier to run parallel to the ship at the same speed and lightly touch the side while the Pilot makes his transfer.

The soft sides of the RIB are very forgiving as the ship and Pilot Boat heave and move differently in the seaway, Naiad take special care in their designs to allow the Pilot Boat to part quickly and easily from the ship's side.

Naiad Pilot Boat models in operation:

Naiad's hull design has proven to provide excellent control at all speeds. There is no pre-planing hump so full control is available even at those awkward speeds of around 10 - 15 knots where the hull resistance is high and so is the prop slip. This along with Naiad's newly developed stepped hull, custom designed wheel house and tapered stern is a nice option at a relatively low capital cost.

This is achieved by carefully considering the hull shape in relation to the position of the LCG to create a good balance. The top speed is balanced against better ride comfort and control, which suits the requirements for an excellent pilot boat.

Naiad's innovative design presents a very good looking, low maintenance alloy craft and Naiad's renowned soft ride combined with four suspension crew seats eliminates crew fatigue. The spacious cabin provides for easy movement and the roof windows plus well sized front and side windows give excellent all round viewing. Good handholds all round make Port_Nelson_Pilot_BoatPilot transfers exceptionally easy while the fenders give added safety and stability in such manoeuvers. Soft non-slip decktread gives that added safety particularly when conditions are inclement.

The Naiad's flush deck is essential for embarking and disembarking and the wide beam allows for a comfortable walkway along the side of the Pilothouse to the foredeck. The cabins can be air-conditioned and have a small galley setup, giving added comfort to the operators who often have long spells aboard.

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