Naiad 12.6m Twin Outboard

Speed and low capital cost are two great reasons to go with outboards. Even on a 12.6m craft outboards provide plenty of power and control.

Naiad 12Features:

  • No preplanning hump
  • Custom cabin layouts
  • Tapered stern
  • Spacious cabin
  • Flush forward deck
  • Wide walkway around cabin

In 2005 Port Nelson Limited purchased a Naiad 12.6 Pilot vessel, having satisfied themselves in the ability of Naiads. For them it was an interesting step to move into this reasonably new concept.

They chose to use twin four-stroke outboards following the success of Naiad’s 9.5 Pilot Boats in Hawaii. For a Pilot Boat, blade area is all important for grip at boarding speeds. Prop diameters of 14 ½” on a twin rig is just not enough on a 12.6 metre boat, so the choice was made to use twin Suzuki 250hp outboards that have a gear reduction that allows a 16” prop to be used.

The result was brilliant. The Suzuki’s are powerful, quiet and efficient; giving dynamic and agile control with no fatigue. Top speed is a respectable 40 knots and was able to cruise at speeds well in excess of what was required. Over the first 24 hours 1000 litres of fuel were used averaging 20.8 litres per hour for each engine.

The Nelson Pilots quickly became used to their new boat and are delighted with the results as they can now offer a competitive and highly efficient Pilotage service.

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Length O/A 12.6 metres
Beam O/A 4.1 metres
Tube Diameter 600mm D Shape Air Fender
Deadrise 23° variable and stepped
Engines 2 x Suziki DF250hp counter rotating 250hp outboards with 16" props
Construction Aluminium closely spaced frame and stringers
Underfloor fuel tank capacity 1500 litres
Speed maximum 40 knots
Speed cruise 30 knots
Range 550 Nautical Miles
Seating 5 KAB seats
Specifications are indicative only.
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