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Queensland Police 11.3 m Naiad. It is well known that RHIBs can be driven hard and fast which can be very useful in pursuit or getting to somewhere smartly. However not all RHIBs are equal and substantial injuries and fatigue have occurred which has caught the attention of OSHand Government departments who are now becoming more discerning with their choice of boats. In some cases slamming forces of up to 12Gs have been recorded on some RHIBs and 5Gs can be quite common. RHIBs can be quite exhilarating to drive in testing conditions

Naiad’s extreme focus on RHIB hull design has provided a technological advantage by being able to use knowledge gained to provide highly focused, softer riding hull shapes. Combining this with technologically advanced shock mitigating seat design will provide the best solution for higher speeds in rougher water with less potential for injury or fatigue.

Careful consideration of the hull design has made it easier to approach vessels for boarding. The ability to track cleanly through wakes and manoeuvre with confidence makes boarding other vessels easier, predictable and safer. We believe air filled buoyancy tubes provide better cushioning however some circumstances require an absolute puncture proof solution. Naiad offer PU coated closed cell resilient foam and our removable outer skin over foam.

Naiad’s removable tube system future proofs our boats and as new technologies are developed these can be retro-fitted to our boats extending their useful life.

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 A better hull, better seats and better tube system is the intelligent choice. 

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