Naiad 9m Twin Outboard

The Naiad 9m Police and Patrol vessel has been designed to be a fast response craft. Naiad’s proven ability in rough conditions coupled with suspension seating creates the ideal combination200px 90019 Police.JPG.


  • Proven hull design
  • Full suspension seating
  • Individual lockers for each seat
  • Twin outboards

Crew comfort is major consideration in fast response craft. The crew need to be ready to perform when the destination is reached. Naiad has long focused on hull design to provide highly focused, softer riding hull shapes. Combining this with technologically advanced shock mitigating seat design minimises injury and fatigue.

The Naiad 9m has a large fuel capacity of 770 litres, this provides the ability to cruise at high speed and still have range of 220Nm. A top speed of 54 knots lightship is achievable with twin 224kW (300Hp) outboards.

Rapid boarding of other vessels requires the crew, often in full gear, to move quickly down the boat and/or past the console. Close attention to remove trip hazards, recess switches etc… on the console which could be broken or catch on gear are important to the safety of the crew and craft.

As with all Naiads the customisation provided is a principal aspect of each vessel. Options for shade when at rest, boarding ladders, and storage for specific equipment, can all be incorporated into the design.

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Length O/A 9 metres
Beam O/A 3 metres
Beam Internal 1.9 metres
Tube Diameter 550 mm
Deadrise 23 Deg
Weight Estimated 2,400 Kg
Power 2 x 250hp outboards
Speed 30 knots cont. 50 knots max.
Seating 10 Persons
Fuel tank capacity 770 litres
Range 250 nautical miles
Specifications are indicative only.
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