Naiad 5m Recreational Outboard Range

While Naiad is known better for it's large commercial boats, the smaller range is tough and rugged like their bigger siblings. The 5m range are a perfect examples of this. Combine that toughness with ease of use and trailerability and you have a boat that perfect for... well anything really.

250px - 5Features:

  • Medium 18o or deep 21o hull,
  • Marine grade aluminium,
  • Proven hull design,
  • Extra heavy duty pontoon outer cover,
  • Two, four or five inners air bladders,
  • Sportline, centre console or open configurations,
  • Custom layouts and add-ons,
  • 200mm aluminium inwhale above floor.

5Naiad's use an alloy hull for low maintenance, durability and robustness, it's tough enough to withstand regular nosing onto the beach, always ensuring a dry landing. A carefully designed stepped chine in the hull keeps the buoyant tubes off the beach when pulled clear of the tide, and provides its best high speed planing when lightly loaded.

An open Naiad is a real workhorse, light enough to be moved by hand but still large enough to handle harsh weather conditions, this boat can be used anywhere, for anything.

Centre Console
The Naiad Scout is a tough patrol boat. The 5m ranges extra room over the smaller scouts allows it to carry larger loads and ride better in rough conditions.

250px - 58085-Hamish-SimpsonThe Pacific model is for the discerning RIB user who requires something a bit more than the basics. The Naiad Pacific has extra comfortable seating for several people in moving and at rest positions. It is more versatile as it is set up for water- skiing, wake boarding, fishing or cruising and having fun.

The Naiad Sportline range gives maximum value for a smaller boat. Special attention to hull design has produced extremely safe, predictable handling even in the most severe conditions.

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Length O/A 5.3 m 5.5 m 5.8 m
Beam O/A 2.3 metres
Beam Internal 1.4 metres
Tube Diameter 450 mm
Deadrise 18 or 21 degrees
Weight Light (estimated) 300 to 1200 kgs
Power 40hp to 150hp outboard
Top speed estimated 30 knots
Maximum Carrying Capacity (Planing) 7 pax 7 pax 8 pax
Maximum Carrying Capacity (Displacement) 900 Kg 900 Kg 950 Kg
Thickness of Alloy 4mm
Specifications are indicative only.
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