Rescue Boats

When volunteers willingly go out in some of the worst weather conditions to rescue others Naiad believe that we should take the time and effort to provide the best possible solution to meet their needs. Using our accumulated knowledge and experience from designing specialised RHIBS for over thirty years we pay special attention to designing a hull shape to provide a higher level of comfort at high speeds in rough conditions. This ensures that crews can get to the rescue area faster to reduce the victim’s risk of drowning or hypothermia and increase the chance of being found.

Naiad have been working closely with rescue units since 1988 and have seen other suppliers come and go. No supplier has as much accumulated knowledge, experience or willingness to provide the very best as Naiad. We have gained a worldwide reputation for designing fast, sea kindly and user friendly rescue RHIBs.

Such is our commitment to rescue organisations around the world that if we do not have a hull design to meet your specific needs we will design one that will.

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