Naiad 7.3m Twin Outboard

The Naiad 7.3 is designed from the keel up as a dedicated rescue vessel that is easily towed for quick deployment into difficult or distant launch sites enabling the crews to get to a rescue scene to expedite the retrieval of those in need.

  • Progressive 23 degree deadrise hull 
  • Forward cabin with bunks/storage
  • Either a soft top or cabin 
  • Twin outboard economy
Wanganui 7.3 Rescue.JPG
The progressive 23 degree deadrise hull has been designed to handle short choppy conditions and heavy seas at higher speeds with less fatigue so the crew are more capable at the scene of a rescue.

Generally it is not until the conditions get extreme that the value of this seaworthy hull and tubes is fully appreciated. In heavy seas and in bar crossings there is a real fear of the bow lifting excessively and risking a potential capsize. Naiad have addressed this situation by providing a fine entry to cut through the crest of the wave and we have lifted the tubes at the shoulders to allow more of the hull to get through the crest before generating lift which allows for easier passages through tough conditions.

Some crews prefer unobstructed views while others require a greater level of protection. Both have their merits and we are pleased to cater for both with either a soft top or cabin with interior layouts to suit four crew and we can cater for a full array of electronic aids.
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Length O/A 7.3 metres
Beam O/A 2.7 metres
Beam Internal 1.7 metres
Tube Diameter 500 mm
Deadrise 23 degrees
Weight estimated 2,700 kgs
Power 2 x 150hp outboards
Cruising speed 30 knots
Top speed estimated 40 knots
Seating 4 persons
Fuel capcity 450 litres
Range approximate 200 nautical miles
Specifications are indicative only.
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