Naiad 8.5 Twin Outboard

Designed as the "Four Wheel Drive of the Sea"TM, the Naiad 8.5 maximises the essential elements of safety and stability.

  • 23 degree deadrise hull 
  • Forward cabin with bunks/storage
  • Either a soft top or cabin 
Bremer Rescue 1.jpg
Combined with Naiad's deep vee hull form, fatigue has been significantly reduced. This enables rescue crews to perform better in extreme conditions.

The hull has a 23 degree deadrise, giving a soft ride in rough seas. The fender adds to the quality and dryness of the ride acting as a shock absorber in harsh conditions.

The Naiad 8.5 is used by many NZ Coastguard units and are also in use with the Alaskan Fisheries Protection, the N.Z. Ministy of Agriculture and Fisheries, Australian VMR and Fishers and as water axis and patrol vessels. Whenever safety, stability, predictable handling and performance are called for and for boats used in places where the weather turns quickly for the worse Naiad makes the difference.

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Length O/A 8.5 metres
Beam O/A 3 metres
Beam Internal 1.9 metres
Tube Diameter 550 mm
Deadrise 23 degrees
Weight estimated 3000 kgs (approx)
Useful h.p. 250 - 450h.p. Ultra longshaft
Maximum recommended h.p. 450 h.p.
Maximum Carrying Capacity (Planing) 2000 kgs
Maximum Carrying Capacity (Displacement) 3000 kgs
Thickness of Alloy 5 mm
Underfloor fuel rank capacity Up to 500 litres
Specifications are indicative only.
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