Super Yacht Tenders

Naiad 10m Super Yacht TenderNaiad's ability to custom design successful RIBs has attracted interest from superyachts around the globe looking for stylish practical tenders. The combination of our custom design services and excellent sea handling makes for an impressive tender.

Naiad can take an idea and turn it into reality to create an individual tender to meet the needs of the customer. Many are one off builds, designed specifically for a superyacht, which means that like the superyacht, the tenders are also unique.

Designing to the Superyacht

One of the keys to Naiad's success is our ability to design the tender to a custom length and width to maximise the size of the tender within the storage space on board. The extra half metre of length, or the additional beam can make the tender successfully meet the requirements of the owner.

Naiad_7.2m_Super_Yacht_TenderThe most common propulsion system is inboard diesel jets, as they reduce the space required to store the tender on board and also provide easy access into and out of the water via the landing platform. Other drive options are also available including stern drive, surface drive and outboards. Selecting the correct engine and drive option is very important for a super yacht tender to achieve the best balance of speed and carrying capacity for the size of the boat.

Seat layout is an important aspect, ferrying guests and crew to and from the super yacht and the shore is a common task and plenty of well laid out seating makes the job a breeze. An option of bow boarding makes for easy landing on beaches and the aluminium hull can be run up on to the beach without damage. Landing platforms at the rear or boarding areas along the side can be designed to suit the super yacht's own design to make embarking or disembarking as simple as possible.

Naiad 7.8 Super Yact Tender. Other options for the tenders include toilets within cabins or consoles, dive bottle holders, storage for sport gear, ski poles, parasailing equipment and folding canopies to provide protection from the elements.

Whatever the requirements Naiad can design a tender that works hard, looks fantastic and is exciting and safe to drive.

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