Naiad 12.5 Triple/Quad Outboard

The 12.5m Naiad has a proven hull design that has performed outstandingly in many different layouts and sea conditions. Offering a stepped hull with raised shoulders for a smooth ride and the flexibility to bolt three or four high power engines on the transom for an exhilarating ride.

Naiad 12.5m Tourism RHIB with tripple outboards. Features:

  • Cinema style tiered seating
  • Custom navigation/electronics layout
  • Rear located raised driving station
  • Ergonomic design
  • Triple or quad outboard engine setup

Deck layout is customised to the needs of the tour operator, but the general arrangement has the majority of passengers up front and the drivers station, which is raised, at the rear. The RHIB design means the pontoons are low to the deck and coupled with tiered cinema style seating offers an excellent view for the passengers from every seat.

Other features include, bow boarding, full cover for all but front two rows of seats, on-board toilet, overhead life jacket storage, rear stowage for life rafts and state of the art outboard engines and controls.

The ride in one of these high powered Naiads is incredible. Not only are they capable of up to 47 knots, they handle any sea conditions with ease providing an exhilarating and comfortable ride for the passengers.

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Length O/A 12.5 metres
Beam O/A 4.1 metres
Tube Diameter 600 mm
Propulsion 3 or 4 x 187kW - 261 kW (250hp - 350hp) outboard
Displacement 6600 kgs
Speed 25-30 knots cont. 48 knots max.
Seating 42
Fuel tank capacity 2000 litres
Freshwater capacity 170 litres
Sullage 75 litres
Range up to 300 Nautical Miles
Specifications are indicative only.
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