Boat Naming By-Law in Marlborough

January 2013

A recent article by the Marborough Express has highlighted that all recreational boats operating within the Marlborough harbour limits and not subject to maritime rules must display a name.

This is also the case in Hawkes Bay, Waikato, Auckland, Lake Taupo and Nelson. It may also be in effect in other areas in New Zealand, so check with your Local Council and/or Harbour Master.

The Marlborough Navigation Bylaw 2009 makes the following statement regarding Identification of vessels:

3.3. Vessels to be Identified
  1. The master and owner of a vessel not subject to Maritime Rules shall ensure that his or her vessel is marked with its name or similar identifying marks.  This shall be displayed on each side of the vessel and be clearly visible to a person 50 metres away.
  2. This requirement does not apply to such vessels which are solely powered by oars or paddles.  However such vessels must be marked somewhere with the name and address of the owner or operator.

For the other areas mentioned above see their websites:

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