Naiad's Licenced Builder in China, Signs Five 17m Naiad Pilot Boats

September 2013

Naiad through their licenced builder in China have secured a contract to build 5 x 17.3m Naiad Pilot boats. This has come from the success of the 6 x 15m Naiad Pilot boats previously  delivered to various ports in Northern China. With these 5 there will be 25 Naiad pilot boats operating  around  the world.

There is an increasing demand for more sea kindly work boats with improved operating conditions and that includes getting the pilothouse sound levels down to that experienced in a modern car, below 75 decibels. To get down to that level with a couple of CAT C18s spinning 32inch diameter propellers requires the pilot house to be isolated from the noise and vibration in the hull that is caused by the engines and drivelines. 

These will be hard working Naiads clocking up around 4000 hours per year which means the engines will never get cold.  Rated at 533kW (700hp) each, the cruise speed will be 26 – 28knts and a top speed of around 30knts. 

Concept image of the 17m Naiad Pilot Boat.

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