Philippine Boat Police on Patrol

Four years ago, Naiad Newport supplied 10 patrol boats to the US government which were part of a program to assist the Philippines and Malaysia with patrolling their waters.

Naiad 10m turning sharply in front of a Bridge.   Four of the Naiad 10m's Docked.

The Naiad's are our standard 10m patrol boat design with a specially designed walk around cabin. They are fitted with twin 250Hp outboards, foam fenders, full electronic package and shock mitigating seats. These patrol Naiad's are very fast, highly maneuverable and great care is taken to reduce driver fatigue, making them excellent for long patrols or pursuit activities. The 10m Patrol is a popular vessel for military, police and coastguard activities is the US, Australia, Indonesia and the Philippines.

The article below is about the Naiads in the Philippines and the success the program is having.

South China Sea: Philippine Boat Police on Patrol

"Combating human trafficking is one part of the PNP's Special Boat Unit's mission, but most of its time and resources is spent on trying to stop poaching of rare fish and other endangered wildlife in and around Palawan. Members of Philippine Maritime police Special Boat Unit, riding on US-made gun boats, maneouver during a training exercise in Honda Bay, off Puerto Princesa, Palawan island, southwest of Manila, on June 6, 2014"

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(AFP Photo/Ted Aljibe)

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