2011 Naiad 6.8 Yamba Welding and Engineering Demonstrator

Naiad 6.8 Demonstrator. Demonstrator boats give a practical exhibition and explanation of how a boat works, the skills that created the craft, and what options can be had. This description doesn't really fit the Naiad 6.8 that Yamba Welding and Engineering created to showcase their skills and newly acquired Licence to build Naiad's.

The Naiad 6.8 is absolutely packed with features, bow boarding, D-shaped pontoons, suspension seating, VHF, GPS, Stereo, large storage lockers, twin 140hp engines, stainless steel handrails, Ski pole, extra heavy duty outer covers with 4 inner tubes and so much more...

This Naiad not only looks great it performs superbly. With a top speed of 78 Kph (42.1 Knots) and a cruise speed of 49.6 Kph (26.8 Knots) it is one quick vessel. The twin DF 140 Suzuki engines also have great fuel economy with 1.2 Litres per Km used at top speed and only 0.7 Litres per Km used at cruise, giving a range of 299 km with 220 litre tank (with 5% reserve).
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Length O/A 6.8 metres
Beam O/A 2.5 metres
Beam Internal 1.75 metres
Tube Diameter 'D' shape 500 mm
Deadrise 23 Deg
Engines 2 x DF 140 Suziki outboards
Power 2 x 140hp (104.5 Kw)
Weight dry (EST) 1800 kgs
Speed 49 Kph (26.5 knots) cruise
78 Kph (42.1 knots) max
Seating 5 (2 suspenstion + 3 rear bench)
Fuel tank capacity 220 litres
Range 299 kM (with 5% reserve)
Specifications are indicative only.
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