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Since founder Steve Schmidt designed the first Naiad over 40 years ago, Naiad has been at the vanguard of RHIB design, pushing boundaries, creating new capabilities, and through constant innovation has expanded the operational scope of marine based industries that were previously limited by the vessels they relied on. For decades, Naiad has driven design innovations that have changed the face of boating and have been widely adopted by boat companies around the world. 


With a deep understanding of the need to create application-appropriate hull designs, Naiad’s forward-leaning maritime designers focus on pioneering concepts to create a better end-user experience. This willingness to evolve and improve has underpinned Naiad’s high performance design team and naval architectural capabilities, using the latest technologies to enable customer-led design agility whilst maintaining extraordinary design and performance integrity. 


The design team keep a continual dialogue open with their customers’ around the globe via real time image and concept sharing to achieve the best possible custom solution to the brief.


Naiad’s strong design foundations, technologies and culture of collaboration all contribute to ensure the vessel is fit-for-task, optimised for end user comfort, maintains the Naiad ruggedness and reliability in difficult conditions and is aesthetically completed. It takes a highly skilled team to be able to offer these things in the total confidence they can be achieved whilst enhancing performance.


Talk to our team today about what you want from your next boat.

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