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Naiad are trusted by a broad array of Government agencies around the world to ensure boat operators have the best fit-for-purpose vessel to help them undertake their task at hand.


Naiad boats are designed to mitigate slamming forces whilst improving performance in all weather conditions.   Our RHIB hull design has provided the technological advantage of a softer riding hull shape combined with shock mitigating seat designs, providing the best solution for higher speeds in rough water.


Whether in pursuit, patrol, or approaching other vessels for boarding, the Naiad ability to track cleanly through wakes and manoeuvre with confidence makes approaching and boarding other vessels predictable and safer.

Over 40 years Naiad have gained a worldwide reputation for designing fast, seaworthy and user-friendly RHIBs, and are proud to be supporting Defence and law enforcement agencies across the globe in providing a high performance solution for the men and women who serve their nations.

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