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The emergence of Naiad RHIB Pilot boats have been a revelation to the end user.  Our Pilot RIB's are fast, nimble and light, have excellent control at all speeds, are designed for ease of embark and disembark, and feature a hull design for fast and easy parting from a ships side.


Quick and agile, the Naiad Pilot boat comfortably runs parallel at the ship’s speed and has a light touch for the transfer of the Pilot.  The soft sides of the RIB are very forgiving as the vessels heave in the seaway, and the Naiad craft comfortably manoeuvres around the ship.


Featuring Naiad’s renowned stepped hull, there is no pre-planing hump so full control is available even at those awkward speeds of around 10 - 15 knots.

Naiad's innovative design presents an attractive, low maintenance alloy craft that is optimised for the hard working Pilots, pairing performance with Naiad's renowned soft ride, spacious cabin, excellent visibility, rough water readiness and consideration to crew comfort with air conditioning and optional extras like a small galley.

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