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It is well known that RHIBs can be driven hard and fast which is very useful when in pursuit or getting to a target quickly.
However not all RHIBs are created equal,
and substantial injuries and fatigue can occur if you don’t have the best boat for
the job.


Naiad Police and Patrol boats are designed to mitigate the slamming forces whilst improving performance in all weather conditions and on the job at hand. 


Naiad’s extreme focus on RHIB hull design has provided the technological advantage  of a softer riding hull shape combined with shock mitigating seat designs, providing the best solution for higher speeds in rough water.


Approaching other vessels for boarding has never been easier than with a Naiad due to it’s ability to track cleanly through
wakes and manoeuvre with confidence, making boarding other vessels predictable
and safer.

Over 40 yrs Naiad have gained a worldwide reputation for designing fast, seaworthy and user-friendly Police and Patrol RHIBs. 

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