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Whilst air filled buoyancy tubes provide better cushioning, some circumstances require an absolute puncture proof solution.
Naiad offer PU coated closed cell resilient foam and our removable outer skin over foam.
​ Naiad’s removable tube system future proofs our boats and as new technologies are developed these can be retro-fitted to our boats extending their useful life.



Whilst our fenders are easily removable for replacement or repair, you can extend the life of them by taking some extra care with them. The system is incredibly tough, and very easy to care for!

  • Keep them inflated to between 2.5 and 3psi. You should be able to stand on the pontoon with minimal deflection.

  • Air expands in hot weather, so in periods of extreme hot weather, let a little air out of the tubes to maintain correct pressure.

  • Keep the caps on the valves.  Check the valves regularly for any debris or damage which could cause the valves to leak.  Faulty or ill-fitting valves are the most common cause of tube deflation!

  • Wash the pontoons regularly with soapy water, and rinse well.

  • Avoid use of harsh cleaners (e.g. Jif).  These products remove the protective surface of the pontoon material.

  • Repair any damaged area of the pontoon as soon as possible to avoid further damage



Taking care of our customers includes helping you access spare parts when you need them. 


Contact us directly for assistance with any of the below:

  • Naiad replacement outer covers

  • Inner tubes

  • Rubstrips

  • A7 Valves

  • Valve repair kits

  • Foot pump

  • Self bailers

  • Glue kits

  • Rowlocks

No supplier has as much accumulated knowledge, experience or willingness to provide the very best as Naiad. We have gained a worldwide reputation for designing fast, sea kindly, user friendly and good looking RHIBs. Contact Us today and join us on the Naiad journey.

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