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Naiad's ability to custom design high-performance eye-catching RIBs has drawn the attention of the superyacht market around the globe.  The combination of our custom design services, stylish appeal and renowned sea handling and safety makes a Naiad an impressive tender.

Naiad can take an idea and craft it into an individual tender to meet the needs of our customer. Many Naiad yacht tenders are one-off builds, designed specifically for a superyacht and reflecting the unique characteristics of that mother craft.

Designing to the Superyacht

One of the keys to Naiad's success is our ability to design the tender size to a custom length and width, maximising the tender size whilst ensuring it is a good fit with its on board storage space.  

Selecting the correct engine and drive option is very important for a superyacht tender to achieve the best balance of speed and carrying capacity for the size of the boat. Other options to consider in your design include seat layout; boarding options; landing platforms; toilets; cabins and consoles; dive bottle holders; storage and canopies. 

Once the functional design elements are taken care of, we then work with you to make it look stunning. Whatever your vision, Naiad will work with you to design a tender that handles beautifully, works hard, looks fantastic and is exciting and safe to drive.

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