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Tour operators work in a competitive and challenging environment, and at Naiad we understand the need to appeal to your customer, provide a great experience and keep costs low without sacrificing safety or reliability.

Bringing over twenty years’ experience and a desire to help our customers fulfil their vision, we have combined the best of our technology with attractive and eye catching designs to create the best boat a tour operator could hope for.  Our customers come from a variety of tourism sectors including eco tourism, excitor rides, whale and dolphin watch companies, water taxis and dive operators, and every customer is unique in some way. 


We understand your boat is the tool of your trade, your sales pitch and your livelihood. That’s why we do all we can to help your business thrive, from bringing innovative ideas to marketing support like providing 3D modelling for your pre-launch publicity.

View our range of 8m – 15m custom designed boats for eco-touring, whale watching, diving charters, water taxis and adventure rides.

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